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Marketing Automation B2B, Facebook Retargeting Ads…

    Digital & Marketing News by Magnus Attefall

    Companies can leverage digital capabilities to drive application across the value chain to engage in better decision making and formulate forward-looking strategies to ensure customer loyalty.

    To see what this looks like in action, let’s look at success stories from each of the Big Three social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    B2B social media provides marketers with the perfect system to present and engage their customers. This changes how customers feel towards other brands, and vice versa. This is precisely why most brands find meaningful ways to engage with their customers on social media.

    This 3-step strategy outlines a process through which each of your visitors is retargeted for 14 days since their visit, with a constantly changing message as time goes on.

    Quick Takeaways:
    * Automation helps brands improve their content marketing effectiveness.
    * Use workflow applications to automate and distribute your content.
    * Use paid promotion to increase the visibility and reach of your content.
    * Track how many visits, leads, and conversions you’re getting as a result of content automation.

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